Smart contract for depositing, crowdfunding and distribution


Conditional transfer is a decentralized finanical smart contract that collects Grams and releases them when a specific condition is met. There can be different conditions, it can be automatic, manually controlled, have or do not have timely deadlines, can split collected funds using different rules, etcetra. This versatile smart contract can be used, for example, for escrow, custody, automatic or controlled crowdfunding, predefinedly splitting funds between beneficiaries, and many more.

It is possible to set many different conditions for the fund transfer

Number of collected grams can be set as a condition:
  • Minimum required collected Grams that are needed to release the funds
  • Maximum permitted collected Grams that can be collected by contract overall
  • Minimum accepted amount per each transaction to prevent various attacks
Important time constraints may (and should) be set:
  • Collection deadline by which minimum required collected Grams must be collected
  • Release locktime by which it is not possible to act upon collected Grams
  • Release deadline after which Grams are automatically released or refunded
Various modes that provide flexibility to the contract operation:
  • Automatic release or refund when release deadline occurs
  • Continuous collection mode that allows to collect more grams after deadline
Different levels of control over the conditions:
  • Automatic mode works without any control and relies only on preset conditions
  • Controlled mode depends upon actions of an external user or smart contract
Splitting between destinations can be prescribed in the contract:
  • Percentage of total collected sum can be sent
  • Some fixed Gram amount can be distributed
  • Ultimate beneficiary will receive all remaining Gram
Contract operation is very easy for all parties:
  • Controller can use simple scripts to generate required messages
  • Investors do not need to use any scripts at all even to return funds