TokeTon - smart contract for ICO on the TON blockchain


Команда форума
TokeTon service consists of a smart contract that allows you to conduct an ICO on the Telegram Open Network blockchain and raise funds to launch your project under given conditions. Fundraising during the ICO is carried out in the Gram cryptocurrency. In the event of a successful fundraising and fulfilling the conditions of the ICO, TRC20 tokens will be transferred to the wallets of ICO investors. In case of failure to fulfill the terms of the smart fundraising contract, investors will be able to pick up their Grams.

  • Soft Cap. A smart contract allows you to set the minimum amount of funds required for the implementation of the project. If soft cap is not collected, users will be able to return their funds
  • Bounty. The initiator of the ICO can take the help of enthusiasts before launching the ICO, and to incentivize them, he can offer bounty steaks for a specific job such as write an article, post a video, etc
  • Control smart contract. The smart contract is managed using special commands sent from the owner’s wallet specified at the stage of setting up the smart contract