TON Web - create and host sites in the Telegram Open Network


Команда форума
TON Web for hosting files in TON Blockchain and proxy, which makes possible to request websites in blockchain through browser. A smart-contract, which helps to store files directly in its persistent storage with support of get-methods. Smart-contract written in programming, language Fift / FunC.

How to host a website in TON Web?

You need a *nix system.

1. Compile lite-client and fift, as described here.
Make sure, that FIFTPATH is configured and fift is available globally.

2. Download my repository.

3. Run bash /path/to/your/website/ <name-base-of-files>

For example, bash ~/ tonweb
You should witness how files are being put in "bag-of-cells" file.
At the end, it will generate an external message and show you a price of website holding.

4. Transfer needed Grams to the address.

5. Send external message sendfile <filebase>-query.boc` in lite-client

6. Then you can access to your website at <address>

Project website:
Example site: