TON mixer - smart contract for hide transaction source


Команда форума
TON mixer is a smart contract in the Telegram Open Network blockchain, which is designed to hide and mix transactions, which allows you to anonymize the source of Grams coins. Smart contract address is just one of current working nodes. TON Mixer uses default wallet codes (fift, func) and is written in Node.JS

How it's work?

We have at least two nodes: one node will receive, another will send your Grams. When the difference between them is too high, we switch them. So in block explorer there would be no connection between them and you can continue selling weapons, slaves and drugs. This implementation there are more than two nodes and you will receive your Grams from few of them, if we don't have enough in one. Comission TON mixer - 5% of transaction.


How to deploy?

  1. Install fift globally.
  2. Clone repository, make npm install and node index
You can change number of nodes: node index -n 10
You can change workchain ID of new nodes: node index -wc -1
You can run light version (less update of TUI): node index --light
You can take all Grams from all nodes to one wallet by doing node index --unload <address>

TON mixer website: