TON Register - smart contract grades for school or university


The goal of the project is to implement the register for giving grades to the students in a school or university. The grades are stored in TON blockchain. It is not possible to remove or to edit the grade after it was given. It's also not possible to fake the grades.

Following instruments are working on TON blockchain:

Smart Contract

  • register.fc - creates and stores the students and the grades.
Fift Scripts
  • new-register.fif - creates new register smart contract
  • new-student.fif - adds a student to the existing register smart contract
  • new-mark.fif - gives a new mark to the student on the existing register
Each register contract stores two keys - teacher's one and the principal's. The teacher's key is used to add students and to give grades. In case when the teacher should transfer her register to another teacher - the teacher's key may be changed. Both teacher and principal may do this. In case when the teacher is not avaliable - the principal may also transfer the register to another teacher.

The grades are only created - after the creation it's not possible to remove or change it. It was made on purpose to ensure honesty of the register usage and to prevent any possible frauds and machinations.

The project was made with the assumption that the student's grade is not a secret or sencitive information. That's why the grades are avaliable as-is, without any encription.