TON Lotto - first lottery Telegram Bot with smart contract Grams


Команда форума
TON Lotto - first lottery bot for TON testnet. This experimental project was created for fun & pleasure. The TON Lotto lottery is implemented as a Telegram bot that interacts with the TON smart contract. When registering, you are credited with 2 Grams, for which you can buy a ticket to participate in the lottery. One ticket costs 1 Gram, you can also replenish your balance yourself with test Grams.

How it works:

  1. You and other participants buy tickets, maximum 5 for each participant.
  2. Then these funds are added to the draw fund.
  3. This bot will randomly select winners from each drawing's eligible entries. Buying extra tickets increase your chances
The project was created exclusively for entertainment purposes by @combot and teams, with the information support of @tginfo and @tgmarketing. We do not sell test GRM and we do not recommend you to buy them anywhere. Remember that these tokens in the testnet are worth nothing.

Telegram-bot: @lotto_ton_bot